The Flourishing Psychologist: Sleep-Care for Self-Care (On-Demand Webinar)

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The Trust and TrustPARMA are excited to once again partner with Dr. Lisa Cromer for this FREE informative webinar, The Flourishing Psychologist: Sleep-Care for Self-Care . In the last decade, a growing literature on clinician self-care and burnout prevention has emphasized a shift from surviving to thriving.

The idea of flourishing in positive psychology emphasizes principles of mindfulness on a backdrop of cognitive behavioral principles. Shockingly absent from this literature is the mention of sleep. High quality self-care starts with a foundation of quality sleep-care. This webinar is designed with the premise that if we are to meet our ethical obligation to maintain competence, and if we envision a world in which clinicians and trainees are thriving, we will embed sleep-care into our daily practices.

Participants will be asked to take a sleep inventory to self-assess their sleep habits and sleep quality and will learn how to incorporate principles of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia into their routines in order to include sleep nurturance as a positive dimension to their lives.

As with all our Continuing Education Programs, Trust policyholders will earn CE for participating and passing a brief exam. You'll earn 1.5 CEs from this webinar which can be combined with other Trust CEs for a total of 6 CEs to save 10% on your Trust Sponsored Professional Liability insurance premium. To view the on-demand version, simply click on the webinar name below.

[On-Demand] The Flourishing Psychologist: Sleep-Care for Self-Care

CE Credits: 1.5 | (Combine 6 CEs to Save 10% on Your Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Policy Premium)

Lisa Cromer, Ph.D.
1.5 Hours

Learning Objectives

  • Assess your sleep quality and sleep sufficiency.
  • List five strategies for improving sleep quality and quantity.
  • Identify the connection between sleep-care and psychologists’ ethical obligation of competence.

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